“First Aid for Pets” at OCC hosted by Dr. Briggs

Dr. Warren Briggs DVM, of Ocean County Veterinary Hospital, will be hosting, “First Aid for Pets” at Ocean County College; an excellent course for pet owners, emergency and law enforcement personnel, and anyone who cares for animals. From fur to scales, this course will cover it all. You will learn how to recognize pet emergencies and perform special techniques such as the Heimlich, bandaging, and CPR. Specific conditions of poisonings, bloat, stings and shock will also be highlighted so you can quickly recognize and react to these emergencies. The final session will be conducted at Ocean County Veterinary Hospital where students will get an exciting, behind-the-scenes tour and learn how to apply material covered in lecture.  

Course code: CEHE 915-01 CFA

Sept 20 – Oct. 4 (Tuesdays, 3 sessions) 7:00-9:00 pm

Oct 4 Session only, will be held at Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

Cost: $89

More information is available in the OCC Course Catalog:

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