Pet Insurance Recommendations

Our clients often ask us about pet insurance because it is becoming so popular.  Pet insurance can help you manage the cost of caring for your pet through good times and bad. If this is a concern, Ocean County Veterinary Hospital strongly encourages you to consider pet health insurance for your pet.

Our doctors have reviewed a large number of pet health insurance plans and have evaluated the feedback from clients who have submitted claims. For 2012, our recommended pet insurance plans include Trupanion, Petplan and Embrace.

Trupanion and Petplan are tailored to those clients who are primarily looking to cover their pet in cases of emergency, major medical and surgical problems. The Embrace plan also provides various levels of well care coverage, such as annual exam, vaccinations, etc.

Please look at the following websites for specific information about premium costs, reimbursement formulas and restrictions.

We also recommend to research and compare the large number of pet insurers and plans available.

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