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Shining A Light On Your Pet’s Pain Relief (Dr. Pearlman)

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If pets could talk, many would probably ask for K-Laser therapy and to have those treatments done at OCVH, of course!  Class 4 (the most advanced) therapy Lasers are used to treat arthritis, fractures, ear infections and many other conditions that affect our pets. Laser treatments have been used in human medicine in Europe for over 20 years and were approved for use in the United States about 10 years ago. Medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists all use the K-Laser to help their patients. Professional sports teams have also started using this healing modality.


Laser treatments work by delivering energy in the form of light waves past the fur and skin into deeper tissues where healing is needed – for example, an arthritic hip joint in an older dog. Arthritis occurs because hip joint has lost much of its joint fluid for lubrication and some of the cartilage has been replaced by bone. Why K-Laser?  All of these changes lead to one thing – pain!!  The Laser helps the body heal more quickly and dramatically reduce pain at the source.  Some dogs with arthritis or back pain that needed assistance to get into the clinic for the first few Laser sessions and have been able to walk on their own again.  The Laser also has many other uses such as wound healing, soft tissue sprains, infections, gingivitis and more.


At OCVH we like use the K-Laser because it is a pain-free, drug-free treatment option for many degenerative conditions in our pets. Typically a Laser session takes around 5 minutes for each area to be treated. For a chronic condition like arthritis, pets would likely need to have treatments several times each week for the first 2-3 weeks, and then the frequency of visits decreases. Some pets continue to have treatments on an as needed basis to maintain their comfort. During therapy you will be with your pet and you get to wear fancy, protective safety goggles.  Pets very quickly learn that the Laser does not hurt and actually helps them feel better. My own dogs love the extra TLC. It feels good!


I have been able to witness the beneficial effects of this treatment on my very own dogs. Ginger, Sara, and Ernie have all gotten K-Laser treatments and are still doing well. Ginger, is 11 years and weighs 90 pounds.  She tore one of the cruciate ligaments in her knee – this is the most common orthopedic injury in large dogs. She had surgery on her knee over a year ago. We used the K-Laser on her injured leg as part of her rehabilitation program. She is able to walk normally now, and still gets the treatments once per week. Sarah, our 8 year old German Shepherd dog has one of the worst cases of hip dysplasia (her hips have been this bad since she was the age of 5 when we first rescued her), yet she is able to run and play without any arthritis drugs. Ernie came to us with a broken back and although he is still paralyzed in his back legs, he is pain free and we are hopeful that he will walk someday – with the help of the K-Laser.  Thanks to the K-Laser my dogs are living a better quality of life with more walks, more play, and lots more happy pain-free time.


There is hope, if your pet is in pain he or she may be helped by Laser therapy. Contact one of our staff members to schedule an appointment for a consultation to get started with K-Laser therapy. Your pet will thank you!

Laurie Pearlman DVM